I do not know what I need?
The easiest part of this question is to send us an email with some details and we will gladly assist and guide you through a process.


What size container do I need?
This is depending on what exactly needs to be done. However, a lot of people want the 40ft container as it is cheaper to buy or rent for the size BUT the drama is getting it where and how you want it. The 20ft containers do have more options. As above, drop us an email and we will assist in trying to make things a little easier.


Who packs my container?
The 2 options are either you pack or self-load, which is the cheapest, or one can hire labour to do it for you, who have the knowledge and experience on how to pack it. This is a choice of preference. Should you require more information regarding self-packing, send us an email and we will be happy is advise where we can.


Insurance of my contents?
As a transport company, we have a standard insurance cover which covers the container in transit. There is contents insurance cover, HOWEVER, it is a grey area, as a transporting company, we can not value the contents, thus STRONGLY advise that each customer takes out their own contents insurance in the event of any loss or damage.


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